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massage therapy

Massage is Always a Good Idea

Our current lifestyle demands a lot from the body; Stress and tension eventually have a negative influence on our physical and mental well-being. Massage therapy can provide support in this regard.

The application of functional and relaxation techniques ensures that you can go for a wonderfully soothing moment and/or specific complaints. Your possible complaints and relevant medical history will be mapped out on the basis of a short intake interview. Gentle massage techniques can also have a healing effect on our children. 

The massage is done with cold-pressed oils that nourish the skin and keep it supple. During the treatment, an infrared mat can be used, heat therapy that stimulates blood circulation in muscles and joints.

Gedurende de behandeling kan er gebruik worden gemaakt van een infraroodmat, warmtetherapie die de bloedcirculatie van spieren en gewrichten stimuleert

For whom

Women, young adults and children


60 minutes € 70.00

75 minutes € 80.00

90 minutes € 90.00

Rates children up to 14 years 

45 minutes € 50.00 

Nationale bloem


The oldest form of 


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